Godfrey’s Beach Penguin Viewing

The Nut State Reserve

Welcome to Godfrey’s Beach Penguin Viewing Platform.

The little penguin is found only in Southern Australia and New Zealand. It is the smallest but also the noisiest of all penguins.

The primary aim of the Stanley Penguin Guides is to protect the Little Penguin breeding colony at the Nut State Reserve on the eastern side of Godfrey’s Beach. The best season for viewing penguins is the breeding season which usually lasts from September to March. Penguin numbers usually drop off in late January to mid March due to the birds molting. Viewing is best at dusk, just on dark.

Even though adult penguins can often be seen at night in the ‘off-season’, the weather can be very unpleasant, nor are chicks present, so viewing is not recommended.

Important guidlines for visitors.

Parking and Toilets are located near the barbeque area at the bottom of Browns Road. It is also only a short walk from the town centre.

The new viewing platform is well signed, fenced and sensor lit with environmental lighting. The viewing platform has been developed to maximise visitor enjoyment but more importantly to create a safe and secure environment for the Little Penguins.

Please abide by and respect the information signs located along the viewing platform. Be quiet, move slowly and avoid sudden movements. Cameras, mobile phones, smoking and pets are all prohibited in the penguin colony. Please do not attempt to climb over boundary fences, litter or feed animals. Your cooperation will ensure the protection and safety of these beautiful creatures.

  • Volunteer Guides are available during the summer months where available.
  • Contact for Parks and Wildlife: 03 6458 1430